Madni Packages Manufacturers of corrugated cartons sheets Mango boxes

Madni Packages Manufacturers of corrugated cartons sheets Mango boxes
Madni Packages (Pvt.) Ltd. Manufacturers of Corrugated Cartons Super Customer Services, Spearheaded by Real – Time services Our Company: In the early 1999 Madni Packages recognized the movement of goods on economical freight charges in safe and sound condition within and outside the city and country, and that the market place needed suppliers with an understanding of supply-chain management. While many progressive buyers were searching for the special vendors that would truly vest themselves in the customer’s services, most corrugated manufacturers had little interest in quality maintenance and meeting customers Real-Time manufacturing demands. Instead of being traditional manufacturers of corrugated cartons, we develop business relations on working partner basis. It means we cater the need of our customers per their quality standards and requirement, within the most competitive price structure and by adhering to their provided delivery schedules. Thereby it allows the customers to: We are extremely customer conscious; and have very limited list of establishments, almost all ISO Certified, as follows: 1) Agility (Logistic) 2) Ahmed Oil Industries (Pvt) Ltd. 3) Aims Manufacturing Corporation 4) Artistic Denim Mills 5) Artistic Garments Industries 6) Ayob Textile 7) Cambridge Garments 8) Classic Garments 9) Crown Textile 10) Denim international 11) Dystar Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. 12) English Biscuits Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. 13) Engro Chemicals Pakistan . 14) Fatima weaving Mills 15) Fazal Sardar Textile Mills 16) Fazal Textile Mills 17) Grace Apparels 18) ICI Pakistan 19) Ismail Industries Limited (Candy Land) 20) Jaffar Agro Services 21) Karam Ceramics Ltd. 22) Kings Apparels 23) Lucky Tex Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. 24) M. Sulemanji & CO. ( Crispo ) 25) Mehran Spices and Food Industries 26) Muhammad Ashraf & Sons 27) Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing (Pvt) Ltd. 28) Orient Textile Mills Ltd. 29) Pak Arab Fertilizer 30) Razziq Group (Logistic) 31) Royal & T.M Garments 32) Standard Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. 33) Tcs (Private) Ltd. 34) Teamwork Packages (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. 35) U.G. Food Company (Pvt) Ltd. (ULKER) 36) United Nations (World Food Program) 37) Zahra Industries and Others .. Our prime objective is to be in long association with established customers of repute. Strict adherence to stringent Quality Standards at all levels, through promoting a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of the operation to ensure effectiveness of processes. Persistently pursue a ‘No Compromise’ and ‘Zero Defect’ quality philosophy. Advancement has been making a habit. And within next 5 years we cherish to modernize our existing facilities to bring it to automatic level. Regards Muhammad Shakeel Marketing Manager Madni Packages (Pvt.) Ltd. ST 13/3 Azizabad FB Area Karachi

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ST 13/3 Azizabad FB Area Karachi
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